Tipperary Star

Archive Update 29th.March.2021 Tipperary Star Newspaper Archives 1909 – 1948 Founded in 1909 by Edward Long in Thurles

Volume 1 Edition 1 04.September.1909

Note from the editor:

We make our bow to the people of Tipperary. In doing so we trust that the shortcomings inevitably associated with the appearance of a first number will be generously overlooked by our numerous patrons, especially by those who have given us exceptional proofs of practical support and who not unnaturally look to us for the fair realisation of high hopes and ideals. During the trying months of our engagement in the arduous primary essential of organising and bringing into being this new paper for the county Tipperary, we could not help hearing some of the many laudatory things said of us, of the generally voiced opinion that we had come to fill a want, of the kindly expressions for our success, and. of the emphatic evidences of pleasurably keen anticipation by which the people of the Premier County, at home, in Dublin, and elsewhere hailed the coming of "The Tipperary Star."


The Tipperary Star broke an exclusive story in December 1988 when reporters and news cameras from all over the world focused on Thurles, Ann O’Grady of the Tipperary Star was the only journalist to interview the priest Father Patrick Ryan who was accused of being a member of the IRA. 

When the story broke, the Tipperary Star office in Friar Street was inundated with requests from the international press but a decision was made to keep the story as an exclusive,

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