Strabane Chronicle

The Strabane Chronicle and Tyrone and Donegal Advertiser was formerly established in 1896 however the newspaper title was taken over by the North West of Ireland Printing and Publishing Company in 1901/1902 (?). In March 1969 the masthead changed and the title became known as the Strabane Chronicle.

The Strabane Chronicle today serves a population of approximately 18,000 people and is the most widely circulated title in Strabane.

Strabane lies in West Tyrone, Northern Ireland and is steeped in both historical and modern day history.  From as early as the 1600s Scottish families settled in the town which preceded the Plantation of Ulster and in more recent history the towns border with County Donegal became an international frontier with the Partition of Ireland 1922. Unfortunately, Strabane also bore the brunt of much of the troubles during the 1970s right up to the 1990’s.

The Strabane Chronicle archive is available from 1908 to current and can offer an incredible resource for all those involved in Irish studies.  Through the Strabane Chronicle’s archive our members can search and retrieve vital research on Ireland during the 1922 partition period and view a local insight of the Troubles 1970’s

The Strabane Chronicles Orientation: conservative; nationalist; independent (says Layton, 1896)


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