Skiberreen Eagle

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Skiberreen Eagle Newspaper Records

The newspaper was founded in 1889 in direct opposition to the Skibberean Eagle which was very much the mouth piece of the protestant establishment. The Star was very heavily influenced by the clergy and the nationalist movement with Michael Collins as one of its share holders. In 1929 the Star finally silenced the Eagle, purchasing the Eagle outright and discontinuing the title which had become an anachronism.

Both titles full archives are available on the website.

The Southern Star archives are a wonderful resource for all those interested in family genealogical research with their detailed births, deaths (obituaries) and marriages. The provincial press was also far less censored by the British authorities than their national equivalent. As a result they give both the professional and amateur historian a unique perspective of Ireland's turbulent past as well as the local impact of major national and international events.

The archives of are now available online at View every edition from the last 100 years exactly as it was published on that day. Fully word searchable and completely indexed Irish Newspaper Archives offers individual researchers and institutes / universities alike unprecedented access to a wealth of local history.

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          1637         12720       *Out of print