Saunders's News-Letter

Saunders’s News-Letter is available for the following years, with gaps: 1780*,1784*,1787*,1795-1798 The Saunders's News-letter carries sections: London News,Parliamentary Intelligence, Adverts & Classifieds, Auction listing and Land & house sales

The Saunders’s News-Letter

The Saunders’s News-Letter was published from 1755 to 1879 and was a fantastically successful Dublin based paper.  The paper was published with unbiased view of Irish politics. Through the pages of the Saunders’s Newsletter you will find news from abroad, parliamentary Intelligence report, adverts & classifieds, auction listing and Land & house sales.

 One of the most notable figures who started his career in journalism with the Saunders’s News-Letter was Mr Thomas Power O’Connor.  Member of Parliament for the Home Rule League. Later in his career, after the demise of the Irish Nationalist Party, O’Connor continued as an Independent MP

Thomas Power O'Connor was born in Athlone in 1848. After an education at Queen's College, Galway, and became a journalist for the Saunders' Newsletter in Dublin before moving to London to work for the Daily Telegraph. O'Connor held radical political opinions and in 1880 General Election became the Irish Nationalist MP for Galway. He continued to work as a journalist and in 1887 founded and edited the radical newspaper, The Star.  The Star newspaper can be found on our Radical Newspaper Archives collection.