Labour News

The Labour News publication set its self apart from its predecessors. A professional journalist, Christopher O'Sullivan wrote and edited the paper and created a structured publication that focused on contemporary politics rather than past James Connolly's speeches. 

The Labour News publication came under persistent criticism from the Catholic church. The editor of the Labour News published many articles that caused controversy and in the end, it was the editor's continued refusal to pay heed to the board of directors that brought the paper to grinding halt.

Extract Vol.1 Edition 1. This weekly journal is the organ of the Irish Labour Party. When that fact is once grasped, the necessity for its existence and the policy which it will advocate will need no elaboration. It is the conventional way for a new journal to offer an explanation for its existence, and to offer at the same time an outline of its policy. It shall be our endeavour to present the viewpoint of the worker 

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