KIllarney Echo & South Kerry Chronicle

Killarney Echo & South Kerry Chronicle newspaper first went to print on the Saturday, August 26th, 1899. Volume 1 On the newspapers inaugural edition page two the editor provides a detailed statement on the newspapers aims. "In making our bow to the public to-day as a Nationalist Journal, we are in nowise dubious as to the warmth of the welcome that await us. That the area of our country, which it will be our proud privilege to cater for, has for many years felt the need for a local healthy organ to voice the Nationalist sentiment there is no gainsaying.".......

"The establishment and successful working of a newspaper, on any principles, is a task of no small significances - it is, indeed, on which may well make the most courageous and venturesome to pause and ponder on, before launching forth but in our case there is not the slightest ground from misgiving..."

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