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The Kerry Advocate newspaper archive is available online now through the Irish Newspaper Archives gateway. The Kerry Advocate archive 1914 - 1916. The Kerry Advocate newspaper is 1 of 20 Kerry newspapers available through the Irish Newspaper Archives site. The kerry newspaper database starts in the year 1813 and runs up to current date with the Kerryman newspaper. Join today and get access to a national archive of newspapers for Ireland

The Kerry Advocate Newspaper Archive 1914 to 1916

The Kerry Advocate Newspaper ran for a very short period of time. There is little known about the origin of the Kerry Advocate what we do know from the Kerry Advocate's publication is that it contains detailed information on commerce from the Kerry region. The print contains fantastic advertisements from the day and there was a supplement which show cases traditional musical notes and Irish poetry. The paper also details court news and newspaper obituaries. 

The Kerry Advocate ceased publication on the 06th May 1916 however it is not believed that the paper shut as a result of the 1916 Easter Rising. The Kerry Advocate is available through the Irish Newspaper Archives gateway.

The archives contain 20 regional newspapers covering County Kerry reporting from 1813 to current date.  

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