Hibernian Chronicle Newspaper Archive

The Hibernian Chronicle in October 1769. Published by William Flyn (c.1740-1811), a Dubliner who had been active in Cork as a bookseller and printer since at least 1766,

The Hibernian Chronicle Newspaper Archives

The Hibernian Chronicle became the principal organ for the increasingly prosperous Catholic middle class.  The paper continued into the 19th century under Flyn’s son-in-law, James Haly (c.1765-1850), who changed the title in 1802 to the Cork Mercantile Chronicle. The Hibernian Chronicle appeared twice weekly, Monday and Thursday, and was published at the 'Shakespeare', near the Exchange (near present-day Castle Street). The Irish Newspaper Archives hosts the following editions:

Friday, January 24, 1783

Thursday, August 21, 1783

Monday, May 14, 1792 to  Monday, December 24, 1792

   Edition Count       Page Count          Years           
                  1783* 1792*
            53           212 *Out of print