Galway City Tribune

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Galway City Tribune Newspaper Records

The Connacht Tribune is the longest-established newspaper circulating throughout Galway county and city. First hitting the news stands on 22nd May 1909 it has been telling Galway's story every week since. Through two world wars, the struggle for independence, the hard times of early nationhood to the boom of the 1990's and the current decade, the Connacht Tribune has been the source of news, sports and entertainment for generations of Galway's people. In 1925 the company launched the Sentinel, now a bright, modern tabloid issuing on Tuesdays aimed at Galway City with a heavy emphasis on Sport and Lifestyle as well as strong news content. The Galway City Tribune was added in 1984 to address the demands for a fully-fledged newspaper in Galway City. It combines the high journalistic and photographic standards of the Connacht Tribune with features and content aimed at city-based readers and issues on Friday morning.

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