Freeman’s Journal

The Freeman's Journal is said to be the most important newspaper source for Irish Historical Studies. The Freeman's Journal was founded 1763 till 1924 where it was absorbed into the Irish Independent. Join today and get access to the world's largest newspaper database.

Freeman's Journal Archive available on Irish Newspaper Archives

The Freeman's Journal 1763 - 1924

The Freeman's Journal archive is truly one of our most important additions to the Irish Newspaper Archive resource. The Freeman’s Journal was established in 1763 and ran continuously till 1924 when it was absorbed into the Irish Independent. The Freeman’s Journal ran for 166 years and is an incredible resource for social, political and historical studies offering insight into Ireland’s great historical past. The Freeman’s Journal is one of the most important newspaper sources for Irish Historical Studies.

A strongly nationalist newspaper the Freeman’s Journal will always be associated with one of the most popular anti-government quotes of the 19th  century no man died of famine during his administration”.

This famous quote from The Freeman’s Journal was about Sir Robert Peel and his solution to establish food depots during the Great Irish Famine.Freeman's Journal Archive download thumb

The Freeman's Journal's Orientation:

moderate, Whig (1812); Liberal (1880s); critical of empire (1840-1880s); nationalist, Catholic, Parnellite (c.1889); anti-Parnellite (1890)

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